NYC August 2006

Screech! rumble thump thump

Screech rumble RUMBLE tumble
The Times. Time Magazine. Time-Out – WATCH OUT!
we never stop
El Monk Que Vendio su Ferrari with the map behind it’s reader’s head.

Ipod, Upod, Peapod, Bluepod
I could swear that she is looking at me but she is only staring straight ahead
We are all staring straight ahead

and no one hears the

RUMBLE thump thump
screech THUMP rumble

“Laidies and gentlemen we mumble mumble shmumble but we mumble mumble momentarily”

cause we all have our earphones

“Get Closer – Bronx Zoo” “Bowen’s Books” “Penguins @ NYU” “Make More of Me” “Giving is Evil – it encourages panhandlers” (Ayn would be so proud!) “We’re looking for a few good women” “NYPD come join our finest!” SCREECH rumble
thump rumble
Jeans slacks JEANS timberlands SCREECH skechers RUMBLE thump
India PEURTO rica africa ISRAEL america
america AMERICA rumble T-H-U-M-P

: and observation in an aquarium from underneath

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