Exploring Aquaponics

I recently got a fish tank. I’ve always loved them, ever since I spent hours gazing at my father’s tank growing up. I hadn’t gotten one since I moved to NYC and decided that it was time. I thought it would be fun to try and establish a tank that incorporated a Betta fish with Tetras.

That can work, but there are several factors. First, the Betta might be too aggressive for the Tetras, alternatively, Tetras sometimes think the Betta’s fins are worms and will pick at the Betta. It’s a craps shoot, and I lost.

I wanted to give a nice home to the Betta and not a sad little bowl. After doing some research and pricing I found backtotheroots.com and thought that it would be fun to learn more about botany and aquaponics. Here’s the story of my first crop…

Aquaponics should be invested in more. It uses 90% less water than traditional growing methods. Hydroponics is growing plants outside of soil, Aquaponics is specifically grown in water and using fish to fertilize. This can be done on a fish farm that grows fish we can eat, the water is pumped up to the plants (and the pump can be solar powered) and the plants filter out the water keeping it healthy for the fish.

You might be wondering why I chose to grow radish sprouts and wheatgrass first. Well, they came with the set, and they grow quickly, as you can see. I wanted the roots to start filtering the water asap while the slower plants got a chance to take root.

There’s something very exciting and satisfying about growing plants, specifically food that you will be eating. There’s a wonder I felt, that I haven’t felt in a long time, when those seeds started pushing through the husk. Life is beautiful.

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