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John Lewis

The March trilogy is the story of Senator John Lewis during the civil rights movement of the 60s. The books have won a ridiculous amount of awards, and deserves them all.

I have a few take-aways from the series. First, the power and extent they went to to keep the movement non-violent. People have done horrific deeds throughout history, the civil rights heroes of that time experienced a lot of that ugliness of  humanity in their opposition. The heroes in this book transcended humanity. It’s not portrayed as simply turning the other cheek, they fought and won battles using dignity as their weapons.

Another point that stuck out for me was a small interchange between Lewis and Malcolm X. They met, at one point, in Africa and discussed their differing points of view. Malcolm X said that the real battle going on was one of class. Sadly, this is still true today.

If you feel anything about what’s going on now, please read these books. They will instill in you a sense of awe, and give you courage and hope. Which we all need a lot of right now.

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